The price of Elvis Presley’s Palm Springs Honeymoon Home Rises To A Final Price of $5.65 Million

    Elvis and Priscilla Presley’s 1967 honeymoon was spent in a mid-century modern California mansion, which is now on the market for $5.6 million. In 1962, Look magazine dubbed the Palm Springs residence the “House of Tomorrow.”

    The home stood out from its rivals thanks to its curved floor plan, futuristic amenities, such as an indoor kitchen grill, central cleaning system, and wall-mounted radios, which contrasted with the boxy residences of the time. The house, which resembled our conception of a flying saucer at the time, was suggested to Elvis by his manager, Colonel Tom Parker, and is located close to Parker’s own residence in Palm Springs.

    While serving in the Army in Bad Nauheim, Germany in 1959, Elvis had the opportunity to meet Priscilla Wagner, the daughter of an Army officer and his wife. Elvis couldn’t stop thinking about Priscilla, even though she was only 14 years old, and their developing romance culminated in a marriage proposal shortly before Christmas in 1966.

    According to, Elvis rented the House of Tomorrow to serve as both their wedding venue and honeymoon home. On May 1, 1967, a hastily planned wedding took place at the Aladdin Hotel in Las Vegas when the press learned about the union. Before Elvis had to return to work filming a movie, the couple took a plane back to Palm Springs and stayed at the House of Tomorrow for four days. Nine months later, Lisa Marie Presley was born. For approximately a year, Elvis and Priscilla called the house their home.

    The 4,695 square foot home, which was erected in a neighborhood of mid-century houses built by the Alexander Construction Company in the late 1950s and early 1960s, is cantilevered and built on a grade, providing good seclusion for the major living rooms. Four circular living rooms were constructed according to the architect William Krisel’s plan on three floors, each surrounded by a curving stone wall. The house features four bedrooms, five bathrooms, and a roomy, circular interior that contributes to its futuristic appearance.

    The central fireplace with the chimney suspended from the ceiling, the sunken recreation area, and the glass walls with mountain views are popular mid-century design elements.

    A partially shaded swimming pool, a beautiful grass, and a private garden with palm trees and rock accents are all outside. The house just finished a two-year restoration.

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    The price of Elvis Presley’s Palm Springs Honeymoon Home Rises To A Final Price of $5.65 Million

    Elvis and Priscilla Presley's 1967 honeymoon was spent in a mid-century...



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